Dead Weight

Dead Weight

Do you want your life to make sense? Do you want your life to be meaningful? Do you want to leave your imprint in this world? Well, who doesn’t?! To be able to live your life the way you want you will need to overcome your fears, be courageous, make damn sure to get rid of all the dead weight in your life and fight with all your strength through every obstacle that may appear in your way throughout your journey.

Life is what you make of it, Easy or Hard? That’s all up to you. It is always hardest to take the first step, but once you do if you are just passionate about it no matter whom or what stands in your way. You will make it. Don’t stop if you believe in yourself. Not everyone will help you reach for your dreams, however it doesn’t mean everyone out there have it for you. Facing the good and the bad is part of living this life; nothing is purely good or purely evil. It is not always black or white sometimes it is grey and sometimes it is even colorful. Those who you look up to didn’t make it in just one day, for them to be your idols it took a lot of falling down and beginning all over again, the trick is to: “Never Give Up”. Someday you will look back on the day you started your journey you might not like where you’ve reached but as long as you didn’t make it to your goal, always keep on going. Pursuing dreams were never easy that is why it they are called dreams. Fantasizing is as easy as drinking water but living the fantasy is as hard as pulling an airplane, although it is the toughest thing anyone will do to be happy but at the end it is all worth the sweat.

What helps you through your journey is having strength and people you can count on. Family and friends are what make this life bearable, loneliness would not help. To be have memories to hold on when you are down is what will help you get through the day, although not only good memories that will help but knowing you have people who is their life mission is to put you down is what will motivate you and get you moving onwards. Stubbornness could be ugly but not with the right intentions, it could be the last piece of your puzzle if you paid attention to the whole picture. After all, what is life but a beautiful picture to colour with the amazing and fruitful colors?


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