My Grandmother

I always hear the phrase “My heart broke when…”, but never really knew how it felt til my grandmother has passed away. She was like the roots of our family relationship. I have loved her in ways I can’t express, although I haven’t always been around her yet I know she loved me so much. My heart literally ached when I heard the news of her passing away, there is no one in this whole universe who treated me and pampered me like her, she always tried to make me feel special, always wanted my comfort and always made sure I was happy. My grandmother was the light of our family. I was lucky to know her.

Though I didn’t see her frequently but I made sure she knew that I loved her, I hope she knew. I miss her presence, her late night stories, I miss her cooking, I miss her funny face expression she do while imitating one of aunts or one of cousins, I miss her smile, her scent and I just miss everything about her. Nothing will ever be the same again with her gone. My mum, uncles and aunts won’t be the same; the family gathering that used to happen I don’t think it will be like before.

When she died it’s like she took a part of us with her. It really breaks my heart knowing that I can’t talk to her and I won’t be able to see her whenever I feel like it. I wish she is in a better place now resting. I will always and forever my beloved grandmother.


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