Don’t look Behind

Sometimes we think of the past and we say…If we could only go back I would definitely do things differently. That’s what everybody says including me or shall I say I used to say, it’s because what happened with me in the past; now I can move on with my life stronger than I ever was.

I met a lot of divergent type of people, from which I learnt so much and I am so grateful that I came to know these amazing people, they surely added different taste and colour to my life, who taught me how to live in the grown up lives, opened my eyes to the tough reality that nothing stays the same, as you grow up so does responsibilities.

I sure have more to learn but for now I can say that I am mature enough to differentiate between wrong and right, between white and black. Although I learnt a lot but still I still can’t figure how to be prepared for the consequences that come after the some not very bright decisions I make. Hope that day will come soon enough, since I am still in the learning process.



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