Too much questions

If you ever realised that two of your best friend had a secret hidden from you, would you feel betrayed though it had nothing to do with you, did you ever wonder why they had the urge to hide it from you. Did you ever dare to ask them, or were you afraid to hear their answer or you just simply didn’t want to confront them? Did you ever considered not confronting them was a sign of weakness? Have you ever asked yourself a question and you were sure you knew the answer but acted stupid, so that you won’t get hurt? Do you consider yourself a good secret keeper , but what if you got a secret and you had to share it with someone else or you are going to explode? Is the closest people to you are the ones who always ending up to hurt you the most?

Well too much question, or You already know the answers to your questions and scared to say them out loud and trying to avoid what might happen if you knew how would they react to your reactions?

The conclusion is everyone who ever had a question and was afraid to ask is because the true answer always hurts whether you like to admit it or not.


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