Feelings is an sensitive topic to everybody you can not talk about it with strangers and sometimes even to the close people it’s impossible to talk too. Why? Simple because sometimes it is they who are the reason why you are feeling that way. Whether it is happiness, anger or sadness. How are we suppose to share? This is can be hard, but all depends are you willing to risk hurt the other person’s feeling to feel better or you are willing to keep it all in and accept the fact you will never mention it ever again as long as you live.

Well for me I’d rather to keep it all in and never speak of it ever again forget totally about it, but if I felt that I will be thinking about it for a while, then am definitely going to speak about it and spread it out in the clear and risk  everything instead of keep wondering “What if” and “If it was worth it”.

The truth to be told I don’t care if the other side didn’t care whether what has been said have hurt my feeling or not. So the new strategy is to blunt straight.


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