Today is the day I prove to the world and to my self that I am more than capable to make decision of my own without allowing others to affect me. I realized that the important events that happens with me I always allow others to have the last word in my life but that is going to end today. I am not that 15 years old girl who is shy and doesn’t know what to do or afraid to say what is on her mind fearing that might hurt their feelings with totally ignoring her own feelings.

Today I am a new person, today I see everything from a different perspective, today I speak my mind, today I work twice as I did, today I am setting plans for my future and Today everything starts. I will be the person I always dreamt of being, I am certain that with hard work and persistent I will make my dream come true.

Nothing happens within a night, nothing happens by magic, if I want something then I sure am not going to sit back and watch others do it for me. To really taste the success I got to move now. It is not wrong to ask for help and it is definitely not wrong to say that you failed or made a mistake. The major business men or the leading women in this world has fought their way up, they’ve been through a lot and hard obstacles but they are still standing and I am very optimistic about my future.

Admitting that you need to change is the first step, it’s never too late to change, so I am taking a stand right now and I am going to change right now. I got to do the right thing by myself, by family and my friends. I am going to find the inner power of me to make it better. I wouldn’t change a thing about my past, it’s because what I’ve been through that made me realize that I need to change and take the stand. 


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